What is THCa? Why should I care?
What THCa is NOT
  • THCa is NOT synthetic
  • THCa is NOT grown differently
  • THCa is NOT harvested differently
  • THCa is NOT cured differently
What THCa IS
  • "THCa Flower" is what you have always smoked.
  • THCa is the inactive form found on the plant before smoking. Therefore, this benefits applies to concentrates too.
    • This is why you have never been able to just eat a raw nug and get high. Heat is needed to convert the TCHa to D9THC.
    • Once you use a Lighter or prepare in stove - it activates to Delta-9. Anyone who has made edibles is familiar with this.
    • This is WHY it is legal! The law cares about the psychoactive form!
  • We only specify the "&" now to separate it from the activate form, Delta-9, which is federally illegal.
  • FEDERALLY LEGAL as having <0.3% Delta-9 THC is now a "Hemp Product".
Why should I care? How does this benefit me?
  • Federally Legal means you can get it shipped to your house between states legally.
  • Price shop from vendors who live in states with less taxes. Meaning you pay less for better quality
  • Now that it is a country-wide competitive scene, quality matters more to capture/keep clientele.
  • Illegal smoke shops can turn legal. (See below)
  • Illegal grow ops can turn legal. (See below)
  • Both of the above, selling a "hemp product" rather than "recreational cannabis" makes them even more legal than a dispensary, which is still capable of being federally seized!
  • Farms/Vendors can sell across the states, especially to cities.


There are many stores wishing to go legal, desire whitelabel, price-shop for suppliers, and/or expand their inventory. We have many storefronts looking to connect with wholesale options, and a community of both staff and volunteers around the states!

Your Benefits - Why Go Through Us

  • You receive a list of vetted, real businesses. Your weed will not end up being sold on the streets by dealers, but in businesses of your choice.
  • We will act as a neutral-party to continuously verify that your product is placed, displayed, or priced, by your standards.
  • We provide benefits for our storefronts too, visible below.
  • We can also help with marketing, conference planning/management, and more!


Are you looking to sell real weed in your smokeshop, while simultaneously being more legal than a dispensary? Want better price margins while also getting better quality? Do you have one of those illegal bodegas selling shitty sprayed garbage - want to make it legal and good?

Your Benefits - Why Go Through Us

  • Receive a list a quality vendors. Organized with strains, categories, pricing, and any available options.Vendors who delay shipments, dont replace mold, have repeat mold offenses, and other issues, are both rated low on our site, and removed from this list.
  • Easily order bulk by placing an order through us! Want to order 4 LBs, 200 Carts, 1kg of Rosin, and batches of other cannabinoids/offerings? We will handle all the dirty work. (Online portal coming soon for even easier bulk!)
  • Explore whitelabel options, get your storefront's name on your favorite product
  • We do not charge you at all for this service.